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Alana says she has chronic pain in her neck and lower back because she used to do a lot of yoga and pushed her body too far to the point of injury. She says she always feels a pinching sensation in those areas.

Alana found the cream worked well! It felt like a cool compress on her body due to the menthol in the product. She really liked it!

Emily too was a fan of the cream. Emily was in a car accident that left her with four herniated discs so she says her pain is 24/7. Even though she isn’t a big fan of menthol, she says she didn’t mind the sensation the cream created. She also liked that it contained arnica, a homeopathic ingredient she has found to really help with pain. 

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork notes with herniated discs, pain pills or creams aren’t going to cure the issue, but he wonders if it distracted from the pain. Emily says it did. “It’s kind of like when you had a massage and right after your muscles are more open and you feel more at ease,” Emily says.

Lastly, Sydney says her pain in her back and shoulders comes and goes with certain activities, depending on her workouts, how she sleeps, or if she is sitting or standing in a particular position. She says the cream helped to ease her pain and she thinks for someone with chronic pain, this can help a lot!

The Doctors armed these women with the cream but all three of them say they would spend their own money to get this pain-relief cream! 

Dr. Travis Stork

The Full Transcript here:

Dr. Travis Stork: [00:01] We heard about a cream that promises to reduce pain without a pill. We put it to the test. That’s today. Coming up. 100 million Americans live with pain. We heard about a cream that promises to temporarily reduce pain without a pill, so we decided to put it to the test.

Dr. Travis Stork: [00:21] The truth is 100 million Americans live with pain we heard about a cream that promises to temporarily reduce pain without a pill. So we decided to put it to the test our three testers are here in the audience, we’re going to hear what they thought, I want to start with you Alana, what area were you experiencing pain in, and then tell us what you think.

Alana: [00:41] I experience    chronic pain in my neck and lower back. And that’s because I used to do a lot of yoga and there was times where I’d push myself a little too hard. And so I injured myself and so I always feel like a pinching sensation in those areas.

Dr. Travis Stork: [00:55] How did you use the topical cream and then, what was the, the impact.

Alana: [01:00] So I applied it to my neck and lower back, and after about three minutes I started feeling like a cooling sensation almost like a menthol feeling, and it has like this really nice like wintergreen scent to it, and it lasted for about 45 minutes so almost felt like a cold compress, I was holding it on my neck. So I really liked it.

Dr. Travis Stork: [01:18] So Emily. What do you think.

Emily: [01:19] Well I was in a car accident, I was hit and unfortunately suffered four herniated discs. So it’s pain 24/ 7 pretty much. I have pool therapy. I’m scheduled for an epidural spinal injection. You name it, I’ve tried it. So I was pretty desperate and being topical I was curious. I’m not a big fan of menthol, I don’t like the sensation but this didn’t bother me at all. And I noticed that it had Arnica in it, which is a huge relief. Anytime I’ve used something with Arnica Montana, a homeopathic ingredient, it really does help so I was surprised.

Dr. Travis Stork: [01:57] So with something like this where with herniated discs and I always say, what you’re looking to do with any sort of pain medication or masking agent is your, you’re not going to cure your herniated disc with a pill or anything topical. Did it distract it? Is that how it was working?

Emily: [02:13] Yeah, it loosen up the muscles it’s kind of like when you’ve had a massage and then right after you’re just more your, your muscles are more open and you feel more at ease.

Dr. Travis Stork: [02:22] Now Sydney, you say your pain comes and goes with certain activities.

Sydney: [02:25] Yes. I work out five to six times a week trying to get in shape try to lower my chances of getting diabetes because it runs in my family and I work a lot in freelance and sometimes I’ll fall asleep the wrong way in bed or I’m in a position when I’m sitting or standing that really tends to hurt my back and the shoulder, upper and lower area. So I was looking for something you know to ease the tension help me relax more help me fall asleep faster.

Dr. Travis Stork: [02:51] And?

Sydney: [02:51] And with this new product, it’s helped out a lot it can help ease pain in your muscle pretty quickly and for someone with chronic illness, this could help out a lot.

Dr. Travis Stork: [03:01] I’m a big fan of topical treatments that work that we know aren’t causing harm. It sounds like all three of you are going to acknowledge this isn’t some panacea and everything’s perfect but I think the biggest thing is if you’re going to look at a cream do look at the ingredients, I think that if you have something that’s on the more natural side and, and you get a sense for these are natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory elements–. And you do a little bit of a skin test, to make sure you don’t have a reaction to it I’m assuming all three of you, everything went okay there, you didn’t wake up the next day with big…

Dr. Nita Landry: [03:34] Okay so so honestly would you ladies, use your money and go to the store and purchase this product for pain relief.

Alana: [03:40] Yeah, yeah, I would.

Emily: [03:41] Yeah, I think it’s good for sure.

Dr. Nita Landry: [03:44] I didn’t get a nod from you,

Sydney: [03:45] I definitely would. It would be worth spending and it would help in so many ways.

Audience: Applause

Dr. Travis Stork: [03:53] Drew, do you use?

Dr. Andrew Ordon: [03:55] I’m a fan of Arnica that I use if I have bruises and sores, those kind of things strains. I will use Arnica and you know at times I use menthol type preparations that generate a little bit of heat, give you that menthol tingling sensation,

Dr. Travis Stork: [04:13] I have this little mentholated… I use it in the shower, and ironically, it’s meant as a topical treatment but it also has a little bit of abrasiveness. And what’s amazing is, I will get out of the shower and I’m almost shivering because it has the coolest cooling effect, you’re in there like what are you doing, ooh, just massaging myself. As with all things you know if you’re dealing with chronic pain, talk with your doctor about all the options, hey let’s take a break.

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