A Seemingly Simple Act of Kindness

It all started when Dr. TK Hyunh recognized his innate desire to help others stand back up. At just 10 years old, young TK - a first generation immigrant in America - made the right choice to help a war veteran stand back up after falling out of his wheelchair. What seems like a normal act of kindness turned out to be quite the pivotal moment in TK's life.

Fast forward several years, Dr. TK Hyunh lived up to his self-promise by pursuing a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy and becoming 1 of 4 pharmacists in the world to complete a Fellowship in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Functional Medicine.

With over 15 years of pharmacology expertise, TK devotes his life to simplifying the way in which you can incorporate Energetic Medicine into your pain management and total wellness routines.

MindBody Matrix was born in 2012 as a bio-energetic company that uses science & integrative medicine to bring you an innnovative approach to pain relief.

At the foundation, MindBody Matrix and Dr. TK coexist to guide you to a more powerful mind-body energy connection and to help you its ability to help you manage the root cause of pain and trauma. We deliver on this core value by enhancing your understanding of the association between emotion, energy, and physical pain.

Healing is an inner journey and, is most often, a very personal one. We believe that health & wellness is overly plagued with side effects and that prescription medicine has the ability to create false hope. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the dependency on opiates by providing a transformative approach that helps balance your pain - energetically, physically, and emotionally.

High-quality ingredients and bio-energetic frequencies are key components in our healing products. To fully support you and shift your paradigm of pain, MindBody Matrix helps you effectively address, understand, and relive your pain at an energetic level without the risk of prescriptions.

Instead of simply masking your pain and tricking your brain into thinking the problem is solved, you can lean on MindBody Matrix to:

Liberate your pain
Rejuvenate your energy field
Align your mind & body

Continuing with young TK's vow to help people take a stand for themselves, MindBody Matrix is committed to supporting veterans. On a monthly basis, Dr. TK follows through on his personal mission by personally donating our Pain Relief Cream to veterans in need.


VISION STATEMENT: To shift the paradigm of pain by empowering & aligning your mind-body connection.

MISSION STATEMENT: To foster energetic living by reducing physical and emotional pain through innovative technology.

Together, We Can Shift The Paradigm Of Pain